Thing #31 – Three of Wands

It had been weeks since I touched my tarot cards. They sit on my bedside table, along with hippy-dippy accoutrements and books I flip through before I fall asleep – ones about yoga, tarot, chakras, angels and the like. Things that are generally met with a polite, cynical smile from my huzzbot on the other side of the bed. 

I know it isn’t for everyone. But I’ve long been a believer that the universe gives us signs. There are times when the universe whispers. I catch it on the breeze and let it flutter away. But after ignoring its whispers for long enough, the universe sits on my shoulder and screams in my ear. 

When I hear the screams, feel transitional shifts in my life, or notice an unusually high number of coincidences around me, I make a point to get a tarot reading. Tarot helps me align the cues spinning around me with something more tangible. It validates the signs and gives them structure.

A few years ago when I decided to commit more fully to writing, ideas came more quickly than I was able to capture them. The more people I told, the more opportunities and coincidences presented themselves. I marched over to my local tarot reader and he explained when you’re in sync with your path, there aren’t coincidences. Things line up effortlessly because you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

The tarot reading that followed revealed that I was at the beginning of a new path. One where I’d bring expression and creativity into the world, and a responsibility to create things people could learn from. The cards told me to produce as much as possible in the year ahead and there was no time to rest. Within a week, I bought a new computer, began writing more frequently and birthed the idea for my blog the following month. 

Look, would I have done these things anyway? Maybe. I like tarot because the cards give you optics into little hallways in your life you forget to look down. Life moves quickly and it’s impossible to stay attentive to every detail that flies by. Nor should you. You’d drive yourself crazy wondering if every song on the radio was a sign, or if everyone in line at Panera was your soulmate. 

I have a deck of cards at home and occasionally pull one to provide me with focus for the day. Tarot cards are like little permission slips from the universe, granting you approval to slow down and perk up your ears. The last time I pulled one, it was the Three of Wands. I set it face-up on my bedside table where it collected dust for several weeks.

For the past few months, the universe has stopped politely whispering. I have creative ideas and ventures popping into my head so fast that I barely have time to write them down. I’m overwhelmed with inspiration and am finding there isn’t enough time to create everything I want. A dear friend, who patiently listened to me ramble about the screaming universe and my fear that the next decade will pass too quickly, encouraged me to consult my tarot cards. Why didn’t I think of this myself? 

I split the deck into three smaller decks, shuffled them each a half dozen times, joined them together, mixed them several more times and fanned them out. I closed my eyes, took a few breaths and selected one from the deck. 

It was the Three of Wands. Again.

What do you think? Is it mere coincidence that out of 78 cards, I pulled the exact same card that’s been staring at me and watching me sleep for several weeks? Or is this another scream from the universe? 

Here’s what the Three of Wands means. In sum, this card says, “Hey, your plans are strong and you have a solid vision for what’s ahead. All you gotta do is step outside your comfort zone, broaden your horizons and put your plan into action. You’ve got a good grasp on what potential obstacles and opportunities are out there, so go ahead and take a voyage into the unknown. Or maybe even consider a legit voyage via land or overseas. You’ve got this, girl.”

It’s official. The screaming has ruptured my eardrums. The Three of Wands has inspired me to plan a voyage for myself. It’ll be a solo retreat to make sense of the swirly twirlies around me and do some serious work to prepare for the decade ahead. So much more to come…

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