Thing #4 – Congratulations…it’s a tan dog!

“What a handsome dog! What is he?” We were sick of not having an answer, so we invested in the Wisdom Panel dog DNA test. About three weeks after Charlie reluctantly let us swab the inside of his cheeks with bristly little wands and sent them to get analyzed, we got the results delivered to our email inbox.

We always assumed he was a mastiff because of his coloring, wrinkly head and constantly underwhelmed expression, but we knew he must be mixed with something else. When I got the “The results are in,” email, we hunkered down and opened the report. We were shocked to learn that Charlie Chooch had SO many breeds mixed into his 115-pound body, including Chow and Husky. Most shockingly, we learned he’s only 12.5 percent Mastiff.

To celebrate the eclectic hodge-podge of canine that lives in our house, we decided to throw our dog a Breed Reveal Party. We figured he’d be excited to hear about his genealogy, and it would give me an excuse to cook stuff. To make the party even better, Sissy made the 6.5-hour drive to celebrate with us! We started the day by playing/imbibing at Bar K Dog Bar and ended it with special treats, including a cookie from Brookside Barkery. From beginning to end, it was a perfect day for all of us.

Charlie put together a gallery of pictures from his Breed Reveal Party Day to show you what a spoiled boy he is.


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