Thing #39 – Conveyor Belt

Sissy and I were at the conveyor-belt sushi place…for the second time in two days. It was convenient and delicious. Plus we knew how to easily navigate getting what we wanted, which was half the battle in Tokyo.

We had two options. The first was to control our sushi destiny by selecting things from the menu – a tablet that made it dangerously easy to add items to our cart before pressing the “order” button. The second, and more fun, option was to grab the little plates that traveled down the conveyor belt. With this option, there was no telling what would come next. They were often things we never considered trying. 

Each spot at the sushi bar had a number so the server knew how to find you. I chuckled to myself when I noticed we were seated at spot 39. I stared at the little plates choo-chooing down the track, passing number 39 on our countertop. The plates kept coming. Some food was recognizable, some wasn’t. Some were happy surprises (fried shrimp!), … Read the rest

Thing #19 – Sistinerary

I spent a long weekend in Minneapolis, celebrating Sissy’s birthday and enjoying our favorite haunts. People often comment on how they wish they could be a fly on the wall during our sister times. Wish no more…here’s a glimpse into our sistinerary for the weekend…

Thursday, Feb. 14 – Sissy’s birthday/Valentine’s Day

7:58 p.m. – Plane lands at MSP after a four-hour delay in KC. I could have driven in less time than it took to fly here. Take light rail downtown where Sissy swoops me up on a corner. I take a deep breath of dry, crisp Minnesota winter air and secretly miss it.

8:45 p.m. – Dinner at Origami – Start with hot sake and shrimp dumplings, then proceed to order way too much fish and hit a wall when there are two pieces of sushi left. Force selves to finish because it’s so good it would be stupid to leave it. The music is annoying.

11:30 p.m. – Dancing at Gay 90s – One of most fascinating places to watch several groups … Read the rest