In With The Vegetables

I love the idea of things. In fact, I get more excited about the “idea” of things than the thing itself.  Reading books, having a boyfriend and shopping at IKEA – these are all examples of things that sound great in the theory, but when I do them I quickly realize I’d rather be doing something else.

Similarly, I love the idea of eating vegetables. And it’s not that I don’t love vegetables, because I really do. Ending the day with meditative chopping and a glass of wine is one of my favorite pastimes. However, there are days that I’m like, “Seriously? Kale? Are kale and a weird can of beans all I have in the house right now?” And after a long day, even though it’s objectively delicious, your girl is NOT pumped about tossing together a white bean and kale salad. In those moments, my sweet love affair with veggies ends with me ghosting my kale and ultimately throwing it away, heavy with guilt. 

I leaned into the idea of vegetables

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