Thing #3 – Museums

We were “museum incompatible.” Years after our break-up, that’s the breezy reason Sean and I decided was the key contributor to our relationship’s demise. His penchant for reading every god-damn placard in a museum, and my corresponding annoyance, was easier to explain than the true reasons.

It took five years after our uncoupling before we could even sit across from each other and have an honest conversation about those reasons. But after we did, I watched any stale anger and resentment that was hidden in me quickly evaporate.

That conversation wasn’t an effort to dig up the past or rekindle something. It wasn’t even so much a post mortem, as an opportunity to listen and understand – something neither of us were capable of at the end of our relationship. Our conversation was about unearthing a lost friendship and honoring it. And it reinforced the important lesson that forgiveness requires way less emotional energy than holding a grudge.

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