Hermann – Ein wunderschönes Wochenende

I’m forever grateful for my German language education. Not only has it helped me successfully navigate visits to Germany, (including a pre-dawn conversation with a cab driver about where in Berlin my new Swedish friend and I could buy astronaut outfits), but it taught me the underrated art of verb conjugation. Learning languages has become a favorite pastime of mine, mostly because conjugating verbs brings me a level of satisfaction on par with a really big sneeze. You have a formula, some rules to follow and get a correct answer. It’s word math. But a useful math that gets you on the right train and makes you look cool buying eclairs.

Germany has a special place in my heart. Partially because of the years I spent learning the language, but also because it is a country dense with culture, gorgeous landscape and incomparable sausages. When I learned about Hermann, Missouri, I knew it had to be on the top of my to-visit list, and was a no-brainer for my birthday weekend getaway.

Hermann is Read the rest

My boyfriend

I have a crush, and it’s getting serious. It started as they do – an innocent flirtation, wondering if it’s all in my head or if my feelings are genuine. I’ve been fighting my instincts, poorly attempting to rationalize my way out of it – the brain and heart have a long history of clashing on this topic. I can’t deny it and need to come clean. I’m falling in love with Missouri.

Oh Missouri, with your disarming blend of Midwest sincerity and Southern charm. Your “have a blessed day” well-wishes, and referring to grocery bags as “sacks.” Even your armadillo roadkill and boring baseball rivalry make me smile. Every day you show me something new that makes me wonder how I lived so long without you. Oh, I get it now! Is this why you’re called the “Show Me” state?

At first glance, we don’t have a lot in common. You’re a little conservative and churchy for my taste, but I am enchanted by your kindness. Your broad, confident shape is unlike any Read the rest

My new friends – Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark were two guys on the adventure of a lifetime. I can’t fathom the audacity it would take to head west for a couple years through unknown waterways and uncharted wilderness to the Pacific. President Jefferson essentially asked them to pioneer what would be the equivalent to a flight to Mars today. Sounds like a lot of work, not to mention, dangerous. I wonder if Meriwether Lewis was secretly like, “Egh, I really don’t want to, but Tommy and I have been friends since we were little, and I don’t want to be a pussy about it.” W
hile I generally knew about these guys, it wasn’t until recently that I dug in and got some details. Let me explain…

In effort to escape the city for a night, Huzzbot and I took a drive to Weston, MO, a town frozen in the late 1800s that charms the crap out of day trippers from throughout the region. Back in the day, it was the booming metropolis of the west, thanks to lush sprawling Read the rest