Thing #38 – Junk Drawer

Pure joy. I want more of this.

I’m getting ready to pound the final nail in the house of My 39 Things. Is it six months past deadline? Yes. Does anyone other than me really care that I missed this arbitrary deadline? No. Ok, there are a couple of you who are kinda be dicks about it…but I know you’re only trying to keep me motivated. 

I set out on this project as a way to hold myself accountable to a consistent writing practice. As with most creative ventures, my consistency ebbed and flowed.

My inspiration shifted depending on what was happening in my life. Sometimes the ideas would come so fast, I had to split my “thing” into three (Hallmark!) Sometimes I struggled so hard to find something to write about that I wrote about not having anything to write about

This project gave me the gift of helping me process my internal world by making connections in the world around me. It forced me to pay attention on … Read the rest

Thing #12 – Hallmark Life Lessons

In reviewing the notes I captured in the “conflict” and “resolution” columns of my Hallmark Movie spreadsheet, I found a goldmine of important wisdom. How dare I keep it to myself! My belated Christmas gift to you is to share verbatim notes from my spreadsheet and connect them to important life lessons you can use in 2019 and beyond.

“Sometimes if you choose business over love, you will regret it. So don’t go to Paris, and instead make out with the artist guy and take a new job that keeps you in town.”  

I mean, my advice would be to do Paris AND the artist guy if possible. But the essence here is, life is too short to constantly prioritize work over important relationships in your life. So, stop working so damn much and go home and spend quality time with your spouse watching TV on the couch in silence.

“Ditch the fiancé and tell the guy you met two days ago that you’re in love with him and then get married.”

Here’s a hot Read the rest

Grab life by the dough balls

“You’re kind of a history buff, aren’t you?” Someone actually said that to me. Never in my life have I been called, nor identified with being, a history buff. I’m not sure I could name one thing I learned in my history classes, and rely heavily on “based on a true story” movies to bridge the wide gaps in the historical timeline in my brain. However, if you’ve only met me in the past six months, you’d think that I must be a huge history nerd given my schoolgirl crush on Lewis and Clark and incessant sharing of lessons I’m learning in my Missouri backyard.

Recently this blog has been more devoted to history and travel than to bakeries and travel. When I sit down to write, I struggle to find a seamless way to integrate the bakery element. And then I get frustrated and give up because it doesn’t fit nicely into the box I created for this blog over two years ago.

Guess what? My life is way different than it was two Read the rest