My new friends – Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark were two guys on the adventure of a lifetime. I can’t fathom the audacity it would take to head west for a couple years through unknown waterways and uncharted wilderness to the Pacific. President Jefferson essentially asked them to pioneer what would be the equivalent to a flight to Mars today. Sounds like a lot of work, not to mention, dangerous. I wonder if Meriwether Lewis was secretly like, “Egh, I really don’t want to, but Tommy and I have been friends since we were little, and I don’t want to be a pussy about it.” W
hile I generally knew about these guys, it wasn’t until recently that I dug in and got some details. Let me explain…

In effort to escape the city for a night, Huzzbot and I took a drive to Weston, MO, a town frozen in the late 1800s that charms the crap out of day trippers from throughout the region. Back in the day, it was the booming metropolis of the west, thanks to lush sprawling Read the rest

For the love of focaccia


I don’t typically regret things. I’ll critique myself mercilessly on how I could have done or said something differently, but ultimately, no regrets. However, there is one thing I’m borderline regretting…and it has to do with bread.

It’s been nearly two months since we returned from our trip to Italy, and while every place we visited cast a spell on me, I’ve been daydreaming about one thing. I wish I could rewind time and go back to Liguria – the northwest coast Italy- not just for the mountains, colorful villages and fresh fish, but for the focaccia. The folks in this part of Italy can bake the crap outta some focaccia, and I wish I spent more time eating it and learning the secret of what makes it so incredible.Breakfast focaccia

In our Cinque Terre wanderings, we passed countless storefronts showcasing the bumpy bread in their windows. Plain, tomato, olive, onion, pesto…they were pretty to look at, but not what our taste buds were pulling us toward. (Side note: My taste buds screamed for what I … Read the rest

New Orleans: Fried dough and jazz


I’ve found few cities elicit more, “omg you have to do/eat/see <insert>,” recommendations from people than New Orleans. It’s a city full of hidden food gems, raucous nightlife, eery old neighborhoods and the spirit of resilience. I’ve also found you can only eat and see so much in a short period of time. It’s a real problem I ran into during our recent visit.

We arrived on Saturday night, ready to escape our reality and get wrapped up in the sounds and tastes of the city. This was my first time in NOLA, but Huzzbot ventured there for his bachelor party and was able to serve as my quasi-tourguide through Bourbon Street – which was our first stop upon arrival. It was 6 p.m., and a beyond-tipsy little thing in a short dress was surrounded by concerned (and equally wasted) friends, barfing onto her heels and into the gutter. There are a few things wrong with this picture, but mostly it’s the attempt to wear heels on cobblestone streets.
We ate oysters, shrimp and gumbo, … Read the rest

Recipe for a happy marriage

Crater Lake

What’s the secret to a happy marriage? Everyone has an opinion. Honesty or communication? Perhaps trust, compromise and patience? These are foundational – the flour, butter and baking soda in the good-marriage recipe. If you’re married, you’ve concocted your own special recipe, and I suspect it’s gone through various iterations with different ingredients over time.

Love from IcelandHuzzbot and I just spent our third anniversary in Iceland. Though we’re still rookies in the marriage game, we’ve whipped up a pretty dope recipe so far. Our key ingredients include adventure and exploration. These two work together like yeast – giving rise to our marriage, expanding our boundaries and widening our ability to tackle the world together. Each adventure creates nooks and crannies for us to put all the stuff life throws our way. We are endlessly curious and eager to see the world and try new things – not only together, but independently. Losing sight of your personal growth and solo adventuring is a sure-fire way to destroy your recipe.

Happy marriage cake

I learned the Icelandic people have a recipe … Read the rest

My allergic husband

LoveBefore falling in love and marrying my husband, he was just my run-of-the-mill co-worker. (Scandal!) He was the cool dude with a nickname for everyone and a well-timed joke to bust up the room. I distinctly remember him never able to eat office birthday treats or potluck salads because of an egg allergy. I had never met anyone with an egg allergy and was confused how someone could exist in a world without quiche or cake. I felt so much pity for him and his senseless affliction.

Fast forward a couple years to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We’d been dating awhile and were excited to escape the Minnesota winter. We arrived in paradise after a long, turbulent travel day, and were finally able to unwind and eat dinner. About 10 minutes in, he said his mouth felt weird and must’ve eaten something eggy. “Itchy mouth” is his first indication of an allergic reaction. We hurried out of the restaurant to the hotel room where he spent the next five hours violently ill in the bathroom … Read the rest

Mystery Cave – the ocean’s basement

I’m constantly working hard to earn “wifepoints,” a recognition system invented by my husband that determines whether I earn his “Wife of the Year” award. I get points for thoughtful gestures like buying treats at the grocery store or bringing a beer to him on the couch. So far, I’ve always won the award, and though I’m the only one in the running, I don’t want to chance it by slacking off. Huzzbot has often talked about visiting Mystery Cave State Park in Preston, MN. He’s been weirdly fixated on it. I knew I’d earn a heap of wifepoints if I planned a road trip that included the cave.

Kolache from Daube'sNaturally, I mapped bakeries along the way. On our way south, we stopped in Rochester at one of Daube’s Bakery’s two locations. Daube’s has been around since 1987 and is known for their cakes – notably the carrot cake – fritters, cake donuts and kolaches. They also have irresistable, chunky loaves of rustic bread. I tested the chocolate covered cake donut and poppyseed kolache. I’m going Read the rest