Another Other’s Day

It’s been a couple years since I wrote my “Other’s Day” post. Since that day, I’ve heard from so many people about their own challenges with fertility and confusing relationships with traditional motherhood.

Uncertainty around becoming a mother and/or the inability to make it a reality is a lonely feeling. Even though more women are opening up about their decision not to have kids, the pressure (perceived or otherwise) is still very real. 

While I’m solid in my choice to not be a mom, it doesn’t mean I don’t think about and second-guess it. 

A couple days ago, I was with a group of young women and one had recently made her pregnancy “Facebook-official.” Everyone who saw her was like, “Congrats, girl! So happy for you! You’re going to be such a cute pregnant lady!” 

Though I’m nearly five years past my pregnancy losses and infertility circus, there are unexpected moments that still pop up and sting. This was one of them. It caught me off-guard. I’ve been around dozens of pregnant ladies in the … Read the rest