My allergic husband

LoveBefore falling in love and marrying my husband, he was just my run-of-the-mill co-worker. (Scandal!) He was the cool dude with a nickname for everyone and a well-timed joke to bust up the room. I distinctly remember him never able to eat office birthday treats or potluck salads because of an egg allergy. I had never met anyone with an egg allergy and was confused how someone could exist in a world without quiche or cake. I felt so much pity for him and his senseless affliction.

Fast forward a couple years to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We’d been dating awhile and were excited to escape the Minnesota winter. We arrived in paradise after a long, turbulent travel day, and were finally able to unwind and eat dinner. About 10 minutes in, he said his mouth felt weird and must’ve eaten something eggy. “Itchy mouth” is his first indication of an allergic reaction. We hurried out of the restaurant to the hotel room where he spent the next five hours violently ill in the bathroom … Read the rest

Breakfast at The Buttered Tin

Sunny side up!I’m one of those lucky people who is surrounded by brilliant friends. Like, legitimately brainy, Ph.D.-holding, well-read friends with unique hobbies, wild stories and boundless ambition. I love spending time with these people. Simply being in their presence increases my I.Q. Even more, I love spending time with these friends in the company of breakfast foods.

Last weekend, I met Summer, a former grad-school colleague and one of these aforementioned friends, for breakfast at The Buttered Tin. This bustling bakery/cafe is just blocks from the St. Paul Farmer’s Market in Lowertown. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about it, and Summer was equally excited about the prospect of eggs and confections.This will make your wait feel shorter

After stocking up on Heirloom tomatoes and cukes at the Farmer’s Market, I arrived at the restaurant. The place is hoppin’. At 8:20 a.m. there was a 20-minute wait, and chances are, you can expect a wait no matter when you go. However, if you stop by the counter to order a coffee and pre-breakfast snack from the pastry case, you won’t even notice Read the rest

Saturday morning in Prior Lake

Sissy and I took a sunny morning drive to Prior Lake to visit Edelweiss Bakery and check out the city’s Farmer’s Market. Edelweiss is perched on the corner as you approach downtown, and with the Farmer’s Market was right outside the door, they were steadily busy with lines out the door at times. The chipper girl behind the counter said the caramel roll was their best seller, so we naturally had to have it…as well as a couple donuts and a breakfast sandwich. Highly recommend!… Read the rest

Rise of the gypsy

I allowed myself an especially leisurely pace on the way to work recently. Claiming some me-time with coffee, breakfast and my journal before the workday started. This is a treat I like to gift myself at least once a week, fulfilling my quest to feel like one of those people who writes in coffeeshops on a weekday. I biked toward the office and took a small detour into one of my favorite neighborhoods. Scanning the extensive list of must-visit dining options in my brain, I remembered Mon Petit Cheri was nearby.

I was one of three customers enjoying the secret hours most people sleep or stumble through. I stretched in the wooden booth and fondly remembered the Himalayan Restaurant that previously inhabited this space and whose ghost still inhabited the fixtures. The new space is bright, sun pouring through the windows, country recipes mod-podged under glass tabletops. I sat with my steamy latte, journal open, daydreaming out the window. My breakfast sandwich arrived on a homemade English muffin, nestled cozy against a bright pile of … Read the rest