Starbucks Holiday

Christmas has come and gone. You’ve probably spent sleepless nights wondering if I was able to find my holiday spirit this year. Yes, I kinda did. I’d give myself “B-/C+.” Enough to pass, but not enough to warrant a gold star. I credit my mediocre success to listening to the Trap Christmas station on Spotify, using inordinate amounts of Christmas emojis and watching my Christmas Cactus bloom for the first time ever. Most notably, I spent the month of December sampling Starbucks holiday drinks with Sissy.

Since we no longer live in the same city and can’t spend December together doing our usual traditions, like decorating sugar cookies while watching Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special, we improvised. We took a list of nine limited-edition coffee drinks from the polarizing coffee chain and checked off as many as we could, sharing impressions and recommendations with each other along the way.

We aren’t typically into fancy coffee drinks, so this was a festive deviation from our typical routine. And before the holiday season slips away, I want Read the rest

Breakfast at The Buttered Tin

Sunny side up!I’m one of those lucky people who is surrounded by brilliant friends. Like, legitimately brainy, Ph.D.-holding, well-read friends with unique hobbies, wild stories and boundless ambition. I love spending time with these people. Simply being in their presence increases my I.Q. Even more, I love spending time with these friends in the company of breakfast foods.

Last weekend, I met Summer, a former grad-school colleague and one of these aforementioned friends, for breakfast at The Buttered Tin. This bustling bakery/cafe is just blocks from the St. Paul Farmer’s Market in Lowertown. I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about it, and Summer was equally excited about the prospect of eggs and confections.This will make your wait feel shorter

After stocking up on Heirloom tomatoes and cukes at the Farmer’s Market, I arrived at the restaurant. The place is hoppin’. At 8:20 a.m. there was a 20-minute wait, and chances are, you can expect a wait no matter when you go. However, if you stop by the counter to order a coffee and pre-breakfast snack from the pastry case, you won’t even notice Read the rest