My 39 Things

My bucket list includes writing a book. Not sure what the book will be about, or if it will end up in a format for anyone to actually read. But the only way to arrive there is by writing consistently. It requires the same discipline as getting totally sick triceps…which is also on my list. To keep me interested in and accountable to writing, I’m committing to a new idea. Follow me, real quick…

I started my blog almost exactly three years ago. And as I’ve twisted and turned, so has the regularity and focus of my writing. The initial spark that ignited this venture remains buried in my writing, and captured in my tagline: “Make the journey delicious.” It’s about making sure your eyes aren’t only set on your destination, but open to the oddities and surprises that find you on your way toward it. This has meant writing things about bakeries, but also the people, history and travels that surround my bakery visits.

During a recent spa-night splurge, I was reflecting on my upcoming 39th birthday and realized I have this whole giant year to write the final chapter on this journey of my 30s. Why don’t I make it mega delicious? Not just in a food way, but it in an everything way. In fact, why don’t I do 39 specific delicious things and force myself to write about them as a way to condition my writing muscles?

It’s the best birthday present ever. Here’s my golden opportunity to slow down and appreciate the big and small ideas/people/trips/cakes/memories that come my way. I’m veering off the 30s interstate and taking the scenic byway into my final year.

As I lied on the massage table, hypnotized by a twinkly soundtrack of rainforest noises, my internal dialogue chattered…

Icky Me: “This is so boring and self involved. No one wants to hear it. And besides, someone’s probably already done this and has done it way more successfully than you.”  

Nice Me: “Yeah, but nobody has done it with my perspective. There’s only one me and no one can do it like I can. Mister Rogers would want me to do this.”

IM: “Yeah but you’ll probably do the thing you always do – start strong and give up after two weeks. Remember your Tarot card phase?”

NM: “Eh, maybe. But I’m declaring this idea on the Internet, and everyone knows that’s an officially binding contract. And omg this guy’s pressure on my neck hurts. Do we tell him to lighten up?”

IM: “I want to scream, but let’s ride it out. Oh btw, I don’t think you’re going to come up with 39 exciting things that’ll be worth reading.”

NM: “You’re right. I might not. I assure you there will be some underwhelming entries accompanied by uninspired photos. But in the end, I’m doing this for myself and not for a million clicks or likes. If people read it, great. But my ultimate goal is to produce, create and strengthen my writing muscles.”

IM: “Oh and speaking of muscles, you’re not going to have Michelle Obama arms, so you can go ahead and shut that shit down now.”

NM: “You’re an asshole.”

There’s your exclusive peek into my creative process! I have no clue what delicious things I’m going to do, but I trust they will unfurl like a giant red carpet on my way to 40. For once, I’m going into something without a plan. Instead, I’m just gonna slow down a let things pop out at me like deer in the ditches of a scenic byway. (IM: “Enough with the scenic byway already!”)

For the next twelve months, you can expect a little more gypsy and a little less bagel. But I’m going to New York this weekend, so I assure you there will still be SO MANY bagels. Here we go…my 39 things start NOW!

4 thoughts on “My 39 Things

  1. Good luck, have fun, and you need pastrami with those bagels!
    Happy Birthday! Love you, Mom in law!😍

  2. I love everything about this. You should really tell IM to shut the hell up and stop raining on NM’s parade, because NM is super smart and funny! I look forward to reading about the 39 adventures of my new friend. Maybe I should do the same for the 45th year of this life of mine! I can start the blog with a recap of my trip to Branson…..

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