In With The Vegetables

I love the idea of things. In fact, I get more excited about the “idea” of things than the thing itself.  Reading books, having a boyfriend and shopping at IKEA – these are all examples of things that sound great in the theory, but when I do them I quickly realize I’d rather be doing something else.

Similarly, I love the idea of eating vegetables. And it’s not that I don’t love vegetables, because I really do. Ending the day with meditative chopping and a glass of wine is one of my favorite pastimes. However, there are days that I’m like, “Seriously? Kale? Are kale and a weird can of beans all I have in the house right now?” And after a long day, even though it’s objectively delicious, your girl is NOT pumped about tossing together a white bean and kale salad. In those moments, my sweet love affair with veggies ends with me ghosting my kale and ultimately throwing it away, heavy with guilt. 

I leaned into the idea of vegetables

Earlier this month, my love for the idea of veggies compelled me to join a CSA. What’s a CSA? It’s basically a subscription to a local farmer’s produce. Each week I get a bag of whatever seasonal goodness is coming out of the garden. It’s like Christmas but if Santa was a farmer and presents were radishes and mint. Which kinda sounds like it could be an actual eastern European holiday tradition.

I convinced myself the CSA would be a fun way to pursue my summer goal of using my grill more often and trying fun, healthy recipe experiments. More veggies! Actual nutrition! Best life!

Here I am, a week into my first CSA bag, and I feel like I’m halfway through the top-floor maze of IKEA. Panic is seeping in and I’m wondering what the hell I did. I’m stressed out. Why did I do this? Who the the hell wants to come home from happy hour to a fridge full of lettuce? Ick, Jenna, ick. Make it stop!

If you know me, this isn’t a surprise. I routinely get VERY excited about an idea, pursue it fervently and lose interest with equal fervor. I’m attempting a new strategy in vegetables and life. In the moments my excitement dims (often), I’m returning to the mantra of, “remember why you started.” It’s a nice way to recenter and remind myself of the initial sparks that fire me up. 

Food experiments fire me up. Re-branding vegetables as “fun and sassy” fires me up. Sharing food, drinks and conversation with smart people fires me up. Consider this your warning – I’ll be sharing my creations whether you want them or not. Although I’m being a big baby about it right now, I’m pumped for the talented people at Sankara Farm to delight me with Veggie Christmas each week. 

Here’s what’s next

I am committed to keeping the spark alive on my vegetable fire. If you’d like, join the CSA along with me! We can partner up and share our vegetable experiments. Otherwise, hit me up and I’ll invite you over for dinner. For reals. I don’t know how the hell I’ll eat all these radishes alone. 

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