Thing #12 – Hallmark Life Lessons

In reviewing the notes I captured in the “conflict” and “resolution” columns of my Hallmark Movie spreadsheet, I found a goldmine of important wisdom. How dare I keep it to myself! My belated Christmas gift to you is to share verbatim notes from my spreadsheet and connect them to important life lessons you can use in 2019 and beyond.

“Sometimes if you choose business over love, you will regret it. So don’t go to Paris, and instead make out with the artist guy and take a new job that keeps you in town.”  

I mean, my advice would be to do Paris AND the artist guy if possible. But the essence here is, life is too short to constantly prioritize work over important relationships in your life. So, stop working so damn much and go home and spend quality time with your spouse watching TV on the couch in silence.

“Ditch the fiancé and tell the guy you met two days ago that you’re in love with him and then get married.”

Here’s a hot piece of dating advice for my single friends. If there’s one thing men love, it’s hearing “I love you,” after 48 hours. You’re welcome.

“Alan Thicke makes everyone’s Xmas dreams come true.”

I don’t know how this relates to life, but it definitely seems important.

“Ditch the bad guy.”

This is solid advice for anyone. “Bad guy” can be a metaphor for anything keeping you from being your most happy. Bad Guy could be your job. Or social media. Or booze. Any bad habit. Bad Guy could be an actual bad guy/girl. Your happiness is the one thing in life you can actually control. And you are the only person responsible for creating your happiness. Stop with the excuses and figure it out. Alan Thicke is not coming back to do it for you.

“People from different classes can get together, and also it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, relationships in life are what matter.”

This is a recurring plot point – opposites attract and fall in love. Commoners and royalty. Rival TV anchors. Writers and accountants. High school nemeses. Relationships make life worth living. Don’t deprive yourself the opportunity of riding the wave of human connection. It’s a powerful wave – like a tsunami. Egh this year will be 15 years since that scary Christmas tsunami in Thailand – so awful. Tsunamis are easily my most feared natural disaster.

“The boys got the girls they wanted, and the girls helped them solve the problems they’ve been dealing with. Girls saved the day.”

Sounds like while the men were busy thinking with their dicks, the women got shit done. Eliminate distractions and focus on the right things. 

“Mitch gets his Christmas spirit back, Maggie doesn’t accept the job in the big city, and they make out in the front yard.”

Everyone’s a winner! Step back and celebrate wins no matter how big or small, whether it’s in your front yard or wherever. There’s so much to celebrate if you slow down and notice.

Hopefully you’ll find a way to put these lessons into practice. If you don’t, the 40+ hours I spent watching and documenting Hallmark movies will be for nothing. No pressure.

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