Jenna the Patisserie GypsyHi, I’m Jenna.

I grew up deep in the secluded woods of northern Wisconsin where most days were spent creating imaginary worlds, studying the night sky and forcing my sister and cousin to learn dance routines.

During those days, I remember Grandma W.’s kitchen brimming with homemade Slovak-inspired treats. Dad learned his secrets from her, and I’m forever in the process of learning mine from him. I grew up fearless of baking with yeast and repairing crumbly pie crusts. This is where I trace my lifelong appreciation and admiration for all things baked.

I moved to the capital city of Madison for college and fell in love with walking, writing and eavesdropping on strangers. Deciding to use my powers for good, I moved to Minneapolis to pursue a graduate degree.

For 13 years I loved living in Minneapolis, and more so, loved leaving Minneapolis to explore new places. I’m a travel addict and love big and small adventures. This made it a no-brainer to move to Kansas City when an outstanding career opportunity presented itself.

My spirit is alive when setting out onto a new city, studying maps, discovering local fare and meeting new people. I don’t like sitting still and get antsy when I don’t have my next trip planned. I’ve scratched the surface, exploring 23 countries and 39 states, and there is so much more to see, try, taste, hike and explore.

This blog gives me the chance to bring you along on my big and small travel adventures, complete with visits to bakeries.

This blog also gives me a playground to explore topics related to personal development and self discovery. As part of My 39 Things and In With The…, I am able to share stories, inspiration and lessons that will hopefully help you along your path.

While the destination is satisfying, the journey is the best part. They lead to stories, unexpected moments and fantastic memories. I’m here to help make your journey more delicious.

What can you expect from Patisserie Gypsy?

  • Recommendations for delicious journeys and yummy treats
  • Vulnerable and authentic sharing
  • Big-sister bossiness
  • Roadside attractions
  • History lessons that don’t make you want to fall asleep
  • Random observations
  • Well-meaning irreverence
  • My Lewis and Clark stuffed animals
  • Stories about my friends and dog

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Jenna,
    I have introduced your blog to my other 6th grade English class. There are some aspiring writers who have some questions/comments for you:
    “Would you like to own your own bakery?” from Maddie.
    “Safe travels to Kansas City, Missouri.” from Logan.
    “Why do you blog?” from Greyson.
    “Out of all the places you’ve traveled, which is your favorite?” from Ryan.
    “Do you have a favorite bakery?” from Lexi.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to answer us.
    See you soon!
    Love, MOM

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