Urban Adventure Hike

Kauffman Garden

People love to retreat into nature to hike – crossing off “fourteeners” like they are part of a grocery list. I totally get it. Escaping into the grandeur of untouched nature is truly spectacular and transformative. But I’m also a pretty big fan of what I call “Urban Adventure Hikes.” This is exactly what it sounds like. Trade the cliffside switchbacks for questionable industrial neighborhoods, and breathtaking views for newly discovered breakfast joints.

You’re like, “Jenna, you’re basically just taking a walk, right?” My response to you is the real-life version of the straight-eyed, straight-mouthed emoji.

I was in NYC recently and set out early, meandering alone through neighborhoods, listening to podcasts, taking pictures, changing course on a whim to follow people, seek out a perfect lunch or Gossip Girl locations – it ended up being about 7 hours and 20 miles long. It’s like being on a trail all day, except with weirdos and street food instead of elk and granola bars. This is easily the most relaxing way I can imagine spending a … Read the rest

Stages of taste at Starbucks

Here's my Starbucks cupI know everyone’s been having a moment about pumpkin spice. I don’t blame them. Fall is a wonderful time of year, and certain flavors lend themselves to the magic of the season. I’m a Starbucks girl, but have never been able to get into #PSL. It kinda tastes like plastic smells. Plastic mixed with autumnal candles.

I’m typically a latte purist. Espresso, milk, foam, period.

When Sissy asked, “Have you had the Toasted Graham Latte from Starbucks yet?” I instantly dismissed it because it sounded like a synthetic sugar bomb. But the more she described it, I became intrigued. She says it has three distinct “stages of taste,” which can be described as 1) the initial sip, 2) when it’s in your mouth/going down your throat and 3) the aftertaste.

Fine, I’ll try it. Verdict: I loved it.

Honestly, I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s reminiscent of the incomparable chai from Uncommon Grounds. (Have you been there? Do it. And don’t be dumb – get your chai with whole milk.) The Toasted Graham Latte Read the rest